Purple peanuts

Welcome to Purple Peanuts.

Where did purple peanuts come from? Well purplepeanuts.com originated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Actual purple peanuts at this point I don’t believe exist, however, you can occasionally find darkened peanuts in a dark shade of plum (figure above far right).

If you are looking for the Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe, located on 620 Collins St. Melbourne Australia (03) 9629 3988 then click the link. At the time of the original creation of purplepeanuts.com website this restaurant did not exist. As of April 2012, this restaurant is thriving off internet reviews. Maybe someday I’ll make it there for lunch!

Why purplepeanuts.com? I was looking for something catchy and it was simple and it worked. Bluebananas was taken by a web design company in BC. Blackbeet is a productions company based out of Boston. Funny thing is that at original date of updating my site orangeolives and pinkpeaches were both available. Now Pinkpeaches is a childrens photography company in New Mexico. And get this, Orangeolives is a catering company out of Quebec. Damn Canada, I think we’re catchy!

So, what you will find? You will find photography, my own personal collection at its best (I’ve started with nothing and learned by trial and error). You will hear music, likely Canadian artists. You will find stuff about renovations, computers, other stuff....and well anything I learn, I’ll try and share.

Now here’s something crazy....want to learn something...email me and I’ll research it and post it for you.

purple peanuts - really?! no....it has nothing to do with peanuts that are actually purple.....

I created this for myself, but hopefully along the way you will find something of interest.

What I share is mine, and if it is not then I will let you know.